Who are GEOCamper?

In the UK, we sell affordable, durable demountable adventure campers. The perfect, customised solution to get you on your road your way, all ways. We are a family business dedicated only to making your dream adventure vehicle a reality.

What is a demountable camper?

A demountable camper is a bit of a new idea in the UK, but they have long been popular in the States and Europe, especially Germany where they are called wohnkabine. The most established manufacturers are Tischer, Northstar, Leisure Campers (S Karosser) and Bimobil. Demountable campers go by a lot of different names: pickup camper, truck camper, slide-in camper, and more.

All the names are different ways to point out the main advantages: 1. the pickup as a base vehicle, 2. taking the camper off. In their native home, the US, where pickups can be more common than cars in some states, it’s easy to see why they caught on. But did you realise the UK has the most pickups per person in Europe?

What are the kinds of demountable?

There are broadly three different kinds of demountable camper: The Caravan, The Pop-Up, The Adventure Camper.

So what’s the difference?

‘Caravan’ demountables use a classic hard-side design of joins and seals to create a box which clings on to the pickup like a shell on a snail, sometimes hanging off the back.

Pop-Up demountables copy from campervans and feature a lift-up the roof which adds head room when stationary.

Adventure demountables are more rugged and the emphasis is on getting off the beaten track, and being comfortable doing it. They might feature exterior attachments for equipment.

What is a GEOCamper?

A GEOCamper is an Adventure Camper.

A tough GRP (glass reinforced plastic) monocoque shell forms the basis of the camper.

This shell has no seams so is always watertight.

You can screw into the shell and easily attach lights, bike racks, roof racks, canoes, or surf boards. 

They are very light, so your 4×4 can do its thing.

An adventure demountable is aimed at people who use their pickup for work and the school run, and want to leave on Friday and come back Sunday night knowing their vehicle is ready to go in minutes, maximising time outdoors.