We customise every GEOCamper for you

We're with you beginning to end to make your dream adventures real adventures

Your Way

Unique in the UK, we build exactly what you want to match your budget.

All Ways

We source from a wide variety of reputable suppliers so you can customise your GEOCamper you way.


We love our GEOCamper, and we stick with you during the design process so you end up loving your GEOCamper even more.

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Choose from 3 sizes

Ideal for two people (and a little one, or a furry one, or a very good friend) the 164 fits tidily into the standard bed of any double cab pickup. This is the go-to size for the adventurous – the lightest in the range, and no overhang behind the pickup this is the go anywhere, park anywhere choice.

Fits: Double Cab Pickups (<> 150 cm load area)


Big enough for a bathroom, the 194 is the next size up and worth considering if you’re going to be spending a bit more time inside. The extra 30 cm makes a big difference to creature comforts and indeed how many creatures can chill with you. This is the size for the bigger family, or those longer and far-flung adventures.

Fits: Double Cab and Crew Cab Pickups (<> 150 cm and 180 cm load areas respectively)

Families love the 220 because it can be configured as a generous four berth, with ample room for a bathroom it’s the perfect family escape pod. The significant floor length means you can go off grid until the apocalypse is over and take a posse with you. This is the size for the serious traveler, or those who just love stuff.

Fits: Crew Cab Pickups (<> 180 cm load area) 


Design your layout (or choose from a selection)

You design your layout, and we built it. We recommend Gravit Designer and TinkerCAD because they are quick and easy to learn, but you can scribble on a napkin if you like. We can do this online, over the phone, or in person.

You are in control, that’s the important thing. Your way, all ways.

For ideas, we have a few layouts that we know work. A sample of these are shown below to give you an idea.


Equip the exterior

 A staggering array of customisation is possible due to the strong GRP shell.

Options include, but are not limited to: (can you think of anything we missed?)

  • Extra wide door (114 cm)
  • Colour – any RAL, including metallic.
  • Side windows – various sizes
  • Door window – various shapes
  • Roof window
  • Insulation – arctic / desert grade
  • Camper legs – built in mounting points, and Rieco Titan legs
  • Cargo tracks on roof
  • Cargo tracks for sand tracks / hi jack etc.
  • Awning mounting points
  • Reinforced roof – aluminium cover
  • Aluminium roof ladder
  • Reinforced rear wall for spare wheel – includes cargo tracks
  • Frame for Thule Lift V16 lockable bike carrier
  • LED exterior lights

Fit the interior

You can choose literally any internal fittings you want, using our preferred suppliers, or your own. We generally recommend companies such as Victron, Planar and Dometic because you benefit from their warranty and after-care. 

Your way, all ways. Get shopping!

  • B2b charging, solar power, AGM batteries, LED lights, USB charging, audio, and more.
  • Sinks, cookers, combi-hobs, showers, porta-potties, fridges, and more.
  • Air heaters, water heaters, custom water and fuel tanks, and more.