Demountable campers for ultimate convenience

4 simple steps is all there is to getting your demountable mounted and you in the outdoors

4 Simple Steps

To turn any pickup into a tourer – the great outdoors await.

Change Nothing

To change everything: suspension upgrades are not needed.

Tried & Tested

Built in Russia since 2008, GEOCamper is a reliable platform.

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1. Simple modification

Adding extra-strong points to secure your GEOCamper is quite easy to do. 

2. Slide it on

Loading a GEOCamper is as easy as cranking it up, and reversing.

3. Ratchet it down

Four ratchet straps hold the GEOCamper securely to your pickup.

4. Hit the road

And in less than half an hour,  you’re on the road to the outdoors.